Extreme Emcee: Fact or Crap™ A parody game show

Clients: Microsoft | Costco | ServiceMaster | Charlotte Russe

Extreme Emcee: Fact or Crap™ A parody game show

An INSTANT way to engage everyone is with our all-audience game show “Fact or Crap™.”

Brian says, “I’ve done the math. There are about 1,900 attendees here today. Each with an average of six years tenure at (YOUR COMPANY). That means, together, in this very room there’s over 13 millennia of expertise about all things (YOUR INDUSTRY). But only ONE of you is the MOST knowledgeable. And we are going to find out who that is by playing a very sophisticated and competitive interactive game called FACT…or CRAP!” (The audience roars at the unexpected name.)

Brian has everyone stand. He then shares highly specific factoids about your organization. After each one, the audience shouts out “Fact” (meaning they think it’s is true) or “Crap” (meaning they think it’s made up). Brian reveals the correct answer and everyone who gets it wrong sits down. This continues until just ONE person is left standing. They are the winner!

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